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Finding the Right DJ for your Wedding

Finding the Right DJ for your Wedding

Finding the right DJ for your wedding is vital.
You have dreamed of the perfect wedding.  Do you realize that the DJ you choose will help determine the outcome of your reception?  Will you and your guests have an amazing time and be talking about how awesome your wedding was? Will your guests stay until the end or will your guest leave early because they are bored?  Your DJ will play a huge part in determining these factors.  You see, a DJ just doesn’t show up and hit shuffle on their iTunes.  They take hours before your wedding day, planning out your song lists, creating a schedule, putting together the right songs for the various times throughout the night that pertain to you and your guests.  Finding the right songs for your crowd so that your guests stick around and party like its 1999.

Before the Grand Entrance
This is the time the DJ is priming your guests for the rest of the evening, building the energy that everyone will feed off of for the rest of the night.  And by doing so, creating an incredible grand entrance for you so that you feel like royalty when you enter the room….as you should.

As the Night Continues
Your DJ, who is also your MC, will coordinate your first dance, father-daughter and mother-son dance.  They will make sure that everyone makes it to the buffet without overcrowding.  That your cake cutting, garter, and bouquet toss are right on schedule.  The DJ is keeping the flow of your reception, all while playing the appropriate music.  A good DJ can read the crowd and notice that even-though they may have a playlist created, are able to change things on the fly if the crowd is not responding to the chosen music.  Or realizing that the dance floor is packed at the during the time you have something scheduled, and maybe having the cake cutting 30 minutes later than planned would be a better option rather than have the party come to an immediate halt for the cake cutting, which tends to set into motion the departure of many guests upon completion.

Why not have a friend DJ and save money?
Sure, your friend is going to be there anyway, why not have someone you know play the music for you for free or really cheap?  Well, your friend, who is also a guest, will not take it as seriously as a professional who you are paying to create the best atmosphere for your wedding.  A friend does not DJ weddings every weekend and therefore is prone to forgetting many important formalities, especially if he/she is having a few drinks and chatting it up with all the other friends at the event.  In the end, hire a pro, it is not worth risking a friendship over a saving a few bucks.  If your friend offers, you can simple say, “Thank you, but I want you to have fun at my wedding and have the freedom to dance with us and not miss out”.

What to look for in a DJ
When searching for the right DJ, most of us start by asking our DJ “how much to DJ my wedding for 4 hours?”.  This usually comes in the form of an email to the DJ company.  While money may play a factor, don’t make it the main factor.  Finding the right DJ is more than getting a bunch of emailed quotes and finding the best deal.  This process works if you are buying a television and your are getting quotes on the same model TV from different stores, but a DJ is not a product.  A DJ is a personality, a talent, and is also your MC.  You need to make sure that the personality and attitude of the DJ works with you and the type of  guests you invite.  A DJ has knowledge of music, all types of music.  Knowing what songs to play during the various times of the night or for various cultures.  A professional has a great sound system that is appropriate for your venue.  The equipment; the quality of the speakers and the sound is vital. If the speakers are weak and crackle, they will annoy your guests and kill the mood of your event.  If they are not powerful enough, you will not get the guests up and dancing.  If they are too loud by certain tables it will bother the older guests.  The DJ should have a good wireless microphone that can reach all areas of the reception hall without fail.  Your DJ will also have back up equipment in case something fails.

In the End
Days, weeks, months down the line, looking back at your wedding, your guest will not remember the flowers, the cake, or the food, but they will remember if they had a fun time celebrating your wedding.  And…..if the DJ is great and everyone is dancing and having fun, you will have great pictures to remember your day.  When you look back at those pictures taken by your professional photographer, what do you want to see?  Everyone sitting around at the tables bored (if they even stuck around) or everyone having the time of their lives dancing and laughing with you all night long?

Have an amazing wedding!

Finding the Right DJ for your Wedding

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