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Children / Newborn

“Preserving Your Families Precious Moments”

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This is a time that is so special and so important to capture just right so that you can savor your joy for your newborn or your child.  When we capture that perfect moment, we create photos that are beautiful, intimate, emotional and special.  Beauty come out in our clean, timeless and minimalistic style.  The emphasis will be on your baby as the beautiful artistic subject.  The importance of creating the relationship between the same photographer and your child will help you enjoy all the years and various stages in your child’s life due to comfort and familiarity.


Are you interested in creating your own baby plan?  Perfect!  You can save with our Milestone packages.  These packages are so important as your newborn will change so fast in the first year of life.  Begin under 2 weeks, then 3 mo, 6mo, 9mo, and 12mo.  Milestone sessions are available to enhance your newborn experience.  We will work together to document your little one’s first year by creating that perfect package to suite your needs and wants!


The eyes of a child are filled with imagination, curiosity and boundless joy.  Capturing and preserving these traits is what Zarek focuses on. The innocence of a child as they run through the tall grass, climb a tree, splash in the water, and just express life with no worries, responsibilities or tainted thoughts.  This is pure natural beauty.

Portraits are your  investment into your family. They are a lifetime keepsake of your most precious memories that you and your family will enjoy looking at, year after year. They are the special legacy we leave to our children.  This is why it is so important to journal each chapter of your family’s story.

The innocence of a newborn or young child fills your heart with joy.  So preserve this special time with beautiful photography, it is an act of love.

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Child Newborn Photographer in Los Angeles and Bass Lake

We want you to love your photographs and cherish your memories….forever.  Contact us today.

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