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Digital Imaging

“A Picture Never Lies….or Does it?” 

Enjoy our online wedding photography portfolio by selecting PLAY on the above video.

Sometimes a creative digital touch or enhancement here and there are what we need.  This may just get your point across, not to mention, it may make you look better. Our expertise entails a variety of capabilities.  These include everything from photo retouching, restoration, and manipulation.

Here are Some Things We Can Solve with Digital Imaging

From Concept to Creation

Creating conceptual art for a staff or promotional photo, family or individual will take you to a whole new dimension. By the same token, it can set you apart from the rest.  Company staff photos across the internet can begin to look the same.  For this reason is why you need to stand out.  It is time to separate yourself from your competition.  We will create a staff photo that relates to your business and has imagination, creativity, as well as class.


From a blemish or removal of wrinkles, to removing or replacing an entire background, digital retouching and enhancements are sometimes necessary . Let’s say you woke up in the morning for your photo shoot with a blemish on your face.  Avoid spending time trying to cover it up with makeup.  Without a doubt, don’t cancel your photo shoot. Instead, the best thing you can do is let us take care of it in post.  Maybe you want to remove a few unwanted wrinkles? Botox?  Forget it.  We will solve this for less, quicker, painlessly and more natural.  “Wow! We took a great photo, everyone is smiling except one person”, you might say.  No problem, we fix smiles, open eyes, remove unwanted things or maybe you want us to add wanted things.


How about wanting to bring that old photo back to life, revitalize the color which had faded or changed colors due to age?  Or you just want to fix the tears and scratches of your old photo?  Great idea!  We want to make sure you maintain those amazing keepsakes, historical times or precious moments.

Basically, if you can dream it, we can try to create it.  Let our creative imagination begin.  Click here for more information.

Digital Imaging Photography

Deception, Illusion, or is it Reality?

Digital Imaging Photography manipulation floating woman off building and surprised child