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“Celebrate and Share the Joy of Life”

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Pregnancy is the most special and unique time in a woman’s life.  There is no greater way to capture these memories of this once in a lifetime experience than with an artistic maternity photo session.


This is a time to celebrate.  Celebrate this new life you are bringing into this world and celebrate the bond between you are your spouse or loved one.  Celebrate the journey that lies head.  If you already have a child, then make them feel included and let them celebrate their new brother or sister.  Just celebrate YOU!


This in an important time to document in your life.  It is time to show the world that you are excited about the new life you have created.  Share the news.  For time only lasts for nine months.  As time goes on you will forget what it was like to be pregnant and your focus will be on all the new firsts with your child and watching he/she grow.  The child growing inside of you will not only change your life and the way you see life, but is bringing a positive change to our world. Therefore, embrace this moment and keep those memories preserved.

But I don’t feel and Look my best!


Psychologists say that many women have a sense of insecurity about the way they look while they are pregnant.  That is the why you must book your photo session.  A Maternity photo session is the perfect way to combat that.  Having professional photos taken with someone who understands light, form and the beauty of the human body will change you. It will empower you, bringing back that confidence, and let you embrace this amazing change.


Yes, your body has changed and many people think they don’t look their best, but let me stop you there, pregnancy is beautiful. It brings out a glow and aura that is unmatched by any other time in your life.  Now is the time to capture this. Not just for your child to look back on, but for you.  Preserve this amazing time in your life.  With great professional photography, you will not only feel amazing, but you will look amazing too.

Zarek will create stunning, artistic and fashionable timeless portraits.  Your maternity portraits will be beautiful, emotional and intimate.  Remember, it is not every day you will be asked to stick out your belly for a fine portrait and have it look amazing…enjoy this moment.  We love getting to know our clients and building a generational bond of creating images that you will treasure forever.

Now is the time to begin capturing this beautiful new journey in your life.  Click here for more information.


Maternity Photographer Los Angeles and Bass Lake

We want you to love your photographs and cherish your memories….forever.  Contact us today.

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